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Microsoft On-prem to cloud migration
Microsoft On-prem to cloud migration
Microsoft On-prem to cloud migration
Microsoft On-prem to cloud migration

Making the move to the cloud? Your perfect partner is our Microsoft On-prem to Cloud Migration service. Our expertise lies in smoothly migrating your on-premises data, apps, and infrastructure to the cloud. With careful planning, strong data security, and little interruption to business operations, our method guarantees a seamless transfer to Microsoft’s cloud platforms. We provide solutions that are specifically designed to meet your business needs and we are aware of the complexities involved in cloud migration. You’ll benefit from increased efficiency, scalability, and access to state-of-the-art cloud capabilities when working with us. Together, we can take your company’s operations to the cloud and create a game-changing digital experience by utilising Microsoft’s robust and secure cloud infrastructure.

🎯 Adapting premises environments, including premises servers and physical servers, to cloud technology.
🎯 Migrating premises workloads and premises applications without disrupting business operations.
🎯 Managing data transfer from premises databases and .NET apps to cloud services.
🎯 Ensuring security and compliance during migration, especially for sensitive and legacy systems.
🎯 Overcoming complexities in migrating Dynamics 365, Dynamics GP, and Business Central applications.
🎯 Balancing cost of ownership and capital expenditure during the transition.
🎯 Integrating existing network security and Active Directory setups with Azure Security Center.
🎯 Achieving seamless integration and minimal interruption in service capabilities during the migration.

βœ… Using Azure Migrate, Azure Site Recovery, and other built-in migration tools for a smooth migration process.
βœ… Employing cloud migration assessment tools to plan and strategize the entire migration.
βœ… Utilizing Azure Infrastructure for virtual machines and database migration to Azure SQL Database.
βœ… Implementing disaster recovery solutions and planning for business continuity.
βœ… Training for Dynamics 365 Business Central and SharePoint Online/Microsoft integrations.
βœ… Utilizing Azure Virtual Machines for a seamless transition of premises server workloads.
βœ… Ensuring security updates and built-in security features are in place in the new cloud environment.
βœ… Leveraging Azure Security for network security and compliance requirements.

🀝 Successful migration of on-premises environments to Azure Cloud or other cloud services.
🀝 Improved business agility, with enhanced business operations and readiness for future challenges.
🀝 Seamless migration of business applications like Dynamics 365, SharePoint Online, and Business Central.
🀝 Enhanced security posture with Azure Security, reducing risks of security breaches.
🀝 Cost optimization achieved through efficient use of cloud resources and reduction in capital expenditure.
🀝 Better disaster recovery capabilities, ensuring business continuity.
🀝 Increased scalability and flexibility in the cloud environment, adapting to the changing needs of the business.
🀝 Improved customer engagement and relationship management through upgraded cloud capabilities.
Microsoft On-prem to cloud migration

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Microsoft On-prem to cloud migration
Microsoft On-prem to cloud migration