SOC2 Compliant Structured Documentation of IT Security Policies

🛠 Challenge 🛠

🎯 There is no specified security policy that may be used during the audit process.
🎯 The current security policy is outdated and was written by non-technical personnel, so it must be updated.
🎯 A security policy is created by security specialists who are also capable of implementing it.
🎯 Create a security policy that is in line with best practices.
🎯 Because the current security policy is not focused on business needs, it is not actionable.
🎯 There are no supporting papers, such as forms or planning documents, available.

🛠 Solution 🛠

✅ Several workshops were held to explain the concept and identify current pain points.
✅ Explain the requirements and walk the client through the process
✅Based on the conversation and agreed-upon strategy, I have written the security policy and other documents

🛠 Outcome 🛠

🤝Every day, detailed reports are given out to indicate the success of the current activity.
🤝We were able to deliver the policy documents well ahead of schedule thanks to well-planned project execution.
🤝Client engaged me in implementing the policy

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SOC2 Compliant Structured Documentation of IT Security Policies
SOC2 Compliant Structured Documentation of IT Security Policies