Utilise our professional service to start a smooth Azure Lift and Shift Migration. Our expertise lies in seamlessly migrating your current on-premises or other cloud infrastructure into Azure, guaranteeing a minimally disruptive and well-oiled transition. During the migration, our methodology places a high priority on preserving your applications’ functionality and integrity. From the first evaluation to the last deployment, we manage the complexity to guarantee a safe and legal transition to Azure’s cloud environment. Without having to deal with the headache of re-architecting your apps, you can take advantage of Azure’s scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness with our service. Together, we can easily move your company to the cloud with Azure Lift and Shift Migration.

🎯 Ensuring compatibility of legacy applications and premises servers with cloud environment.
🎯 Minimizing downtime during the migration of premises workloads and premises databases.
🎯 Adapting premises infrastructure, including legacy systems and physical servers, for a cloud migration strategy.
🎯 Managing costs associated with cloud migration, including cloud costs and maintenance costs.
🎯 Ensuring seamless integration and minimal disruption to business processes during the shift migration approach.
🎯 Addressing security concerns in the cloud infrastructure, especially for mission-critical applications.
🎯 Navigating the complexities of migrating to a multicloud environment.
🎯 Retaining business agility and continuity during the entire environment transition.

βœ… Utilizing Azure Database Migration Service and Azure Site Recovery for efficient migration.
βœ… Developing a comprehensive migration plan, including iterative processes and repeatable processes.
βœ… Leveraging Azure Lift and Shift migration approach for a seamless transition of virtual machines and virtual desktops.
βœ… Employing Azure Kubernetes Service for modern application architecture in the cloud.
βœ… Optimizing costs with Azure’s pricing calculator and cost optimization features.
βœ… Utilizing Azure Security Center for robust security and compliance in the cloud.
βœ… Implementing hybrid cloud architecture to facilitate smooth migration and integration.
βœ… Conducting thorough assessments with Azure’s assessment tools for physical server and virtual machine assessments.

🀝 Successful lift and shift migration to Azure cloud environment, enhancing cloud adoption.
🀝 Improved scalability and cost management, leading to better cost benefits and reduced capital expenditure.
🀝 Enhanced security posture and compliance with governmental requirements in the new cloud infrastructure.
🀝 Efficient disaster recovery solutions, ensuring business continuity and minimal interruption.
🀝 Greater flexibility and agility in business operations, leveraging cloud-based services.
🀝 Optimized application performance with the advantage of autoscaling and cloud technology.
🀝 Strategic alignment of business strategy with cloud capabilities, resulting in key business benefits.
🀝 Increased innovation and competitiveness in the market through advanced cloud migration capabilities.
Azure lift and shift migration

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Azure lift and shift migration
Azure lift and shift migration